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Fisheries Assessment Scientist, Cefas, United Kingdom

Αναζήτηση Θέματος

Cefas - Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science
Lowestoft, United Kingdom
Fisheries Assessment Scientist

Purpose of job:
You will have responsibility for initiating, conducting and developing statistical analyses of data collected for the assessment of commercially exploited marine fish stocks and will provide advice on their management to Cefas, Defra and other customers. The post will include working with national and international scientific organisations, which will require travelling in the UK and overseas, and there will also be requirement to participate in research projects and potentially fieldwork at sea.

Main duties and responsibilies:
Cefas provides high level advice to the UK Government and the EU in key areas of fisheries management, including: monitoring and assessment of fish and shellfish stocks and their associated environment and interacting species, and the impact of human activities and natural factors on freshwater and marine fauna and ecosystems. The post-holder will develop and manage scientific analyses and provide analytical and advisory support on the assessment of marine fish stocks, and any potential implications for their associated fisheries. The duties will include development and application of statistical models, data analysis and statistical modelling, report writing and presentation of advice to a wide range of national and international customers. The role will require a high level of statistical and numerical programming, statistical analysis, project management, report writing and presentation skills.

Qualifications / experience / skills:
Academic qualifications required for direct entry to this Cefas Pay Band 5 post are a degree with a high level of mathematics / statistics content or a numerical discipline and significant, relevant work experience. Academic qualifications required for direct entry to this CEFAS Pay Band 6 post are a degree in a biological, mathematics, statistics, and substantial, relevant work experience either nationally or internationally. Ideally you will possess a PhD in a subject that includes a large proportion of numerical analysis.

The requirements can be waived for internal candidates who are able to demonstrate an equivalent level of knowledge and experience.

Experience in numerical modelling and data analysis, high level programming languages, identifying problems and the ability to demonstrate a high degree of familiarity with packages such as R are essential. Good written and verbal communication skills with the ability to explain complex solutions to non-specialists are also required. The post requires strong personal motivation and flexibility, working effectively as part of an interdisciplinary team and willingness to travel both nationally and internationally to work directly with the organisations involved in this research. Experience of management of ecological or renewable resources, collaborating with other institutes both nationally and internationally, and the ability to identify and where appropriate to seek additional business opportunities in fisheries research, are all desirable.

Closing date for applications: 23-11-2012

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