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Junior Research Scientist in International Trade and Modeling of Agricultural Markets - Paris, France

Αναζήτηση Θέματος

Junior Research Scientist, International Trade and Modeling of Agricultural Markets
INRA - French National Institute for Agricultural Research
Paris, France

Educational background
PhD or equivalent. Training in economics with experience in modeling international trade and/or commodity markets will be greatly appreciated. Candidates should have a good command of English. The successful candidates who have not yet acquired postdoctoral training will be required to do so, preferably abroad, after their probationary period (1st year) and before being eligible for promotion to an Experienced Research Scientist position (CR1).

Key activities and required skills
Research to be conducted aims at investigating and anticipating the role of international trade and its institutional setting on securing food supply and country-specific production activities. Economic analysis and modeling may apply to trade policies and to agricultural and energy policies, whose impact is likely to transit through international trade. Strong skills in developing general-equilibrium models, trade and production models or econometrics. A solid qualification in micro-economics and international trade, and a strong interest in economic modeling and quantitative analysis are expected.

For more details and to apply for this job

Πηγή: euroeconomistjobs.com, AgroGreco

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