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Scientific jobs: Global Project Coordinator, FAO - Agriculture and Consumer Protection Department

Αναζήτηση Θέματος

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Organizational Unit: Plant Production and Protection (AGPM)
Agriculture and Consumer Protection Department
Position Title: Global Project Coordinator
Duty Station: Rome, Italy

Duties & Responsibilities
Under the general supervision of the Director, Plant Production and Protection (AGPM) and the supervision of theSenior Officer, the incumbent will be responsible for the overall coordination and implementation of project activities. Specifically, to:
  • Prepare a detailed work plan and timeframe for project implementation to be discussed and agreed upon bypartners at the International Steering Committee (ISC) meetings;
  • In collaboration with national coordinators, establish and facilitate global project implementation and coordinationmechanisms, linkages and information dissemination, in order to assure that project activities are coordinated andcarried out in a timely manner;
  • Serve as Executive Secretary to International Steering Committee (ISC) and participate in Technical AdvisoryGroup;
  • Provide technical support and guidance to national coordinators in setting up coordination mechanisms;
  • Together with project partners identify, leading national, regional and international expertise that could be utilizedto assist in the project as well as advising the ISC and other stakeholders on technical and procedural matters;
  • Mainstream pollinator conservation and sustainable use by providing guidance on analysis of enabling policyenvironments in project countries and coordinating the production of documents that increase awareness of therole of pollination;
  • Prepare TORs for consultancies and contracts within the project, advise and supervise such consultancies andcontracts, as needed;
  • Co-ordinate, aggregate, and submit all monitoring and evaluation reports to the Senior Crop Officer for Crop-related Biodiversity;
  • Prepare project technical and financial reports in accordance with relevant GEF/UNEP regulations;
  • Assist in resource mobilization for co-funding the Full-size project;
  • In close consultation with national coordinators, organize national, regional and international workshops, as well asthe timely preparation of minutes of workshop/meetings;
  • Coordinate global aspects of information management and public awareness campaigns;
  • Perform other related activities as required.
Minimum Requirements
Candidates should meet the following:
  • Advanced University Degree in one of the following fields: Conservation Ecology, Natural ResourceManagement, Environmental Sciences/Management/Economics, Agricultural Economics, or related area;
  • Seven years of relevant experience in the field of project administration and management
  • Working knowledge of English and limited knowledge of French or Spanish.
Selection Criteria
Candidates will be assessed against the following:
  • Proven experience in project management and administrative management;
  • Experience in pollinator conservation and management;
  • Proven experience in facilitating meetings or discussions;
  • Ability to work with senior government officials, research institutes, non-governmental organizations (NGOs),and local communities, etc.;
  • Extent of professional experience in natural resource/pollination project management, design andimplementation, the Convention on Biological Diversity, the International Pollinators Initiative and the GlobalEnvironment Facility;
  • Demonstrated ability to write project documentation in a timely manner (proposals, strategies, technical papers.
  • Ability to coordinate and facilitate teamwork, especially in relation to ecosystem management for sustainablecrop production intensification and in international and/or multi-cultural environments.
Closing Date: Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Πηγή: unjobs.org , AgroGreco

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