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15 Research positions in Computational and Systems Biology (CRI-FEM, Italy)

Αναζήτηση Θέματος

The Research and Innovation Centre at the Fondazione Edmund Mach (CRI-FEM) is a major international research institution with strong and expanding research interests in Fruit Genomics, Quality Health and Nutrition of Agricultural Products, Agro-ecosystems Sustainability, Biodiversity and Molecular Ecology.

Research positions: Biology
CRI-FEM hosts GMPF, an International PhD Program in Genomics and Molecular Physiology of Fruit Crops and Fox-Lab, an international initiative in forest and wood research.

To support interdisciplinary research and develop systems-level integrative approaches connecting genotype to phenotype, the CRI-FEM has now established a Computational Biology Centre (CBC). The CBC will engage with the research departments making the best of the available multi-omics datasets, and generate model-driven datasets, with a special focus on next generation sequencing genome wide analyses.

To drive forward this strategic expansion, the CRI-FEM is seeking to attract up to 15 high calibre scientists in key areas covered by the CBC (for more information on the CBC or informal inquiries on the advertised positions please contact Dr. Duccio Cavalieri at duccio.cavalieri@fmach.it).

Positions available:

3 Group Leaders
GL1. Functional genomics and gene regulatory networks.
GL2. Structural and comparative plant bioinformatics.
GL3. Methods for NGS-based metagenomics data analysis.

3 Research Scientists
RS1. Computational models of Small RNAs and epigenomic networks.
RS2. High throughput screening of plant bioactive molecules.
RS3. Systems biology of food-host-microbe interactions.

4 Research Assistants
RA1. Systems administrator for the HPC (High Performance Computing).
RA2. RNA-SEQ and NGS data analyst.
RA3. Pathway analysis-database curator and administrator.
RA4. High-throughput screening platform, yeast cell based assays.

5 Postdoctoral Fellows
PF1. Pathway bioinformatics and inference.
PF2. Mathematical modeling and quantitative genetics applied to breeding.
PF3. Methods for algorithmic and integrative metagenomics.
PF4. In Vino Veritas: Evolutionary Systems Biology of wine yeasts.
PF5. Biostatistics and Data Analysis for NGS sequencing and Omics Data.

Nr. Job Positions: 15

Application Deadline: 31-07-2012


Πηγή: fmach.eu , AgroGreco

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