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Fisheries Biologist with Project Managment Skills - Wageningen University, Netherlands

Αναζήτηση Θέματος

Fisheries Biologist with Project Managment Skills
Wageningen University, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

We are looking for a researcher who will be expected to contribute to ongoing national and international research projects and for some, act as project leader. You will also carry out stock assessments, perform statistical analyses on large datasets, work with stakeholders and compile reports.

You must be able to present results in a comprehensive way to various audiences. You will participate in international workshops and working groups (ICES) that assess the status of fish stocks and the good environmental status of our seas, and will be expected to publish your research in reports and peer reviewed articles.

We ask a biologist/ ecologist/ mathematician, with strong project management skills and an internal drive to publish in scientific peer review papers. You must have a keen interest in population, community or ecosystem dynamics and fisheries research. You should have a quantitative background and strong analytical skills. You should have a firm theoretical background but be open to applied research questions that sometimes have to be answered in short time periods.

You should be a team player, an independent thinker, and a creative person who is well able to take initiatives. You should have good communicative skills and be able to perform well in stressful conditions. You will be able to operate in English, but it is important that you acquire a reasonable working knowledge of Dutch over time.
Βιολόγος, Ολλανδία

Application Deadline: 22 November 2011

For more details and to apply for this job

Πηγές: ec.europa.eu , eurosciencejobs.com

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