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Contract Research Officer - Animal Change: Teagasc, Ireland

Αναζήτηση Θέματος

Agriculture and Food Development Authority (Teagasc), with the assistance of the Public Appointments Service intends to hold a competition for the purpose of recommending a person for appointment to the position to:
"Contract Research Officer - Animal Change"

Post type
Temporary Funded Contract post, the indicative duration of which is 48 months, subject to contract. A panel may be formed from which future similar vacancies may be filled.

Title of project
Animal Change: Quantifying and modeling of the effect of pasture management on carbon sequestration.

Johnstown Castle Environmental Research Centre, Wexford, Ireland.

Basic function
The Animal Change project seeks to integrate mitigation and adaptation options for sustainable livestock production. It is a European Framework Seven project involving 25 partners across Europe, New Zealand, South America and North Africa. Teagasc are tasked with assessing Carbon sequestration across an intensity gradient of pasture management. The Research Officer will assess C sequestration from intensively grazed (>2 LU ha-1), to extensive and organic systems. The approach will include direct measurement of fluxes using eddy covariance as well as collating a database of data available from partners. In addition, the effect of mitigation options will be modeled using currently available process models such as DNDC and DAYCENT.

Closing Date for Applications: 11 November 2011

For more details and to apply for this job

Πηγές: career.duth.gr , publicjobs.ie

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