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Assistant, Food technology and human nutrition - Warsaw University of Life Sciences (Poland)

Αναζήτηση Θέματος

Assistant - Food technology and human nutrition
Warsaw, Faculty of Human Nutrition and Consumer Sciences

Εργασία - Εξωτερικό
Description (field, expectations, comments):
  • Sampling of meat after cutting and during dissection of carcasses,
  • coding of samples according to traceability system,,
  • physical analysis of raw and cooked beef: Warner-Bratzler shear force test (WB): hardness, tenderness etc.
  • the compilation of research results in the base of the Project in order to enable predictive modeling,
  • measuring the effectiveness of processes and their energy intensity,
  • determination of physical properties of beef using the NIR system (near infrared spectroscopy).
  • implementation of the research are the basis for a degree of doctor,
  • proficiency in computer use in Word, Excel and Power Point,
  • fluent both in written and spoken English language
Research Fields
Agricultural sciences - Agricultural products

Career Stage
Early stage researcher or 0-4 yrs (Post graduate)

Research Profile
First Stage Researcher (R1)

Nr. Job Positions: 1

The candidate is required to achieve the coefficients in obtaining higher degree, complicity in at least twoscientific publications published annually in recognized journals, as well as participate in the application tasks associated with implementations of ready‐made solutions created in the Project.

In the recruitment procedure candidates have to demonstrate their theoretical knowledge and practical skills directly in the laboratory with specialized apparatus.

The candidate should demonstrate positive personality traits; creativity, responsibility, conscientiousness and diligence, ability to work in a group, also communication skills, willingness to improve knowledge, kindness and loyalty to the team in which they will be employed.

Candidates joining the recruitment procedure must submit to the secretariat of the Project (Nowoursynowska 159c Street, 02‐776 Warsaw, Faculty of Human Nutrition and Consumer Sciences, Building 32, Room b0120), the following documents:
  • Application form
  • CV,
  • a copy of the master's degree or relevant certificate to the master thesis,
  • the tutor or other independent researcher opinion
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Πηγές: career.duth.gr ,ec.europa.eu

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